[Project_owners] RDF editor

Eelco van Kuik moz-needlesearch at planet.nl
Thu Feb 5 11:36:28 EST 2004

Hi everybody,
Because I would like to like to find some other people to support the
NeedleSearch project I decided to rewrite the application from the
bottom up again.
The source code looks much better now, but hasn't been released yet.
I wanted to structure some other things differently as well. The basis
of the application is that it can bookmark search engines (instead of
plain links) and works very well with most of the search engines.
However: to edit or manage your search engine bookmarks I would like to
have a bookmark manager, like Mozilla. If it was up to me, it could be:
EXACTLY the same. I have not been succesful however to have the bookmark
manager, instead of pointing to a the normal bookmarks file to instead
use my bookmarks.rdf file.
My question to you: does anybody know it this is possible? And if so:
If this is absolutely not possible, I will need an RDF editor. I have
written a very basic one which comes with my app. This could however be
a project in itself. I was wondering if people overhere are interested
in doing this?
Eelco van Kuik
Project owner NeedleSearch
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