[Project_owners] mozproxy?

Edward Dore edward.dore at strangestory.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 08:12:59 EST 2004

David Fraser wrote:

> marziamazzoli at wooow.it wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I am writing a algorithm for content filtering and extraction.
>> I decided that algorithm will use a proxy to filter web pages.
>> The mozproxy project exist ?
>> I don't find the code.
>> Have Mozilla a http proxy? 
>> Best regards  
> I don't know, but if you're writing a general proxy for filtering and 
> extraction, maybe you should write it as a separate program, that runs 
> as a standard HTTP proxy, and then add functionality to Mozilla as a 
> frontend that lets you alter the settings for that program... That way 
> the proxy could be used for other web browsers too...
> David 

I am working on Sardine which works like this although actualy 
manipulates the DOM, I intend to add the ability to run it as a 
standalone proxy at some point but for now it will remain an extension. 
You could check out the website but thers not much point as I havn't had 
time to work on it, I only jus got it back online. Most of my work has 
been theory and test apps, nothing that worth comiting yet so no code in 


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