[Project_owners] Question about Web Pages

Daniel Wang stolenclover at yahoo.com.tw
Tue Feb 3 17:57:02 EST 2004

Kevin Quiggle wrote:

> I am in the process of developing a web version of the manual - 
> essentially a set of html files and related graphics files. In CVS, to 
> which directory should these files be posted?:
>    * downloads
>    * www


or a mirror ?

> A related comment: The mozdev.org pages are (understandably) set up 
> primarily to support programming type projects; those of us who are 
> working on documentation projects are adapting as best we can to this 
> arrangement. If there is a better way to do this, some general 
> guidelines would be useful.

Since there is no guideline for this, won't it be better if userguide 
and mozmanual write their own?

One of the biggest hurdle to most mozdev.org or mozilla.org contributor 
   is CVS. It would be nice if userguide and mozmanual would work 
together to help host documentation from writers who do not maintain 
their own Web pages. This way, writers don't have to learn CVS to do 

The second hurdle to doc writers is a writer's worst fear: nobody is 
going to read it. What I began documentation, constant feedbacks from 
Brant L Gurganus and gerv help kept me going. It will help doc writers a 
lot if there is a place where writers can ask for help and feedbacks.

I don't see much from docdocs.mozdev.org . Maybe userguide and mozmanual 
can take over the project as a help center for doc writers?

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