[Project_owners] site designs of top user-oriented projects

Erich Reto Iseli erich.iseli at iseli.org
Tue Feb 3 09:00:16 EST 2004

Daniel Wang wrote:
> 2nd try, don't think my 1st attempt to Project_owners at mozdev.org (note 
> the capital P) goes trough
> Top user-oriented projects (extensionroom, plugindoc, themes, mycroft, 
> and newsletter) on mozdev.org need more consistant look and feel. Some 
> of these sites are linked from mozilla.org, and these sites also link to 
> each other. They should have similar layout and navigation so not to 
> confuse users.
> - position of navigation bar should be the same
> - position of localization links should be the same
> - position of download links should be the same
> - product icons ("all", Mozilla, Firebird, etc.) should be the same
>   (mozilla.org has a team working on visual identity, it's the "all"
>   part that we need to worry about)
> - site structure should be similar
> This is only about basic layout and navigation, and should leave plenty 
> of room for project owners to have fun with their pages.
> That said, anyone up for a standard set of project icons? 
> http://www.geocities.com/stolenclover/backstage/mozdev_iconset.gif

Daniel, this is an excellent input. Right now, over at mycroft, we are 
thinking of a redesign, since the users get lost in all the navigations 
and subnavigations. For example, last week a user complained about 
getting lost in the "Documentation" link (he followed the mozdev 
documentation link and said to find there only "useless crap") and only 
later found the link to our documentation.

For this reason, we thought of getting rid of the mozdev navigation but 
keeping a "hosted on mozdev" button.

Further ideas I have are:

considerably reducing the content of the homepage to_
- a search form for the plugins with a link to the advanced form
- our directory listing
- 4 navigation points leading to
   - user related stuff (requests, FAQ, installing/uninstalling, 
   - news and statistics (statistics might not apply for every project)
   - developper related stuff (documentation, FAQ...)
   - related projects (short description of each, screenshot and link)

I think this way, the homepage will be fast loading, ultra-light and 
everyone can immediately find his way through. That might require an 
additional click if you don't search for plugins (but then again, you 
still can bookmark subpages).

I agree that the mozdev pages in general, but especially the 
high-profile projects should have a consistent look. Mozdev started with 
the unified look but soon every project started to remove the branding 
(because of some understandable reasons) and brew their own beer. I 
agree that it would be time to find again some kind of unified look and 

Talking about the icons, they are nice, however I would need much more 
art work like
- progress bar
- "New", "Updated", "Semi-plugin", "up-arrow", "down-arrow", 
"unchanged-arrow" (these three for the top-30) 16x16 icons
- etc... etc...
I know, I already have these icons, but then again, if we are working 
towards an unified look, it would be better if all artwork was done by 
one designer, so that everything really feels the same.


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