[Project_owners] Does Firebird treat <script> tags differently than Mozilla?

David Costanzo david_costanzo at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 22:10:22 EST 2004

I am in the process of making the "dict" project, which was originally
written for Mozilla, useable by Firebird.  I got stumped very early on.

The "dict" project adds an option to the context-menu.  In Mozilla,
when you select on it, it defines a word.  In Firebird, it complains
that "CBSConnection is not defined".  CBSConnection is defined in a
JavaScript file that I include (via a <script> element) from a XUL

My XUL file has four <script> elements that include four different
files, the total of which is 64 KB.  I thought the problem might be
that Phoenix could only have one script element per XUL file, so I
tried concatentating the files and using only one script tag and got
even worse behavior: the function that the XUL usually calls (which is
near the end of the last file) was not defined.  There are no
warnings/errors in the JavaScript console.

Does Firebird treat <script> tags differently than Mozilla does?  Any
ideas on what I could be doing wrong?


David Costanzo

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