[Project_owners] Dialog question.

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Sun Feb 1 17:06:51 EST 2004

On 1.2.2004 16:30, Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:

> 1. I do not want the the Accept and Cancel button. If I leave out the 
> buttons property of dialog, I still get them. I now set buttons="none". 
> This works but it is not documented anywhere. What's the official way??

Make it a <window>. It an still behave like a dialog depending on what 
flags you pass it when it is launched.

> 2. I want Yes and No to appear in the center (middle) of the dialog.
> How do I get this to work. I already used align halign valign box-align, 
> but still no buttons in the middle :-(

Use the pack attribute.

> 3. acceptButton() and cancelButton() should do the same as the accept 
> and cancel buttons and close the dialog. However my dialog does not get 
> closed. :-(

Are you sure they even get called? Just use window.close().

Brian King

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