[Project_owners] Revive and maintain old extensions

Leung WC lwchk2001 at yahoo.com.hk
Tue Dec 28 03:48:30 EST 2004

Finally, I found many extensions that doesn't exist in u.m.o in 
http://www.extensionsmirror.nl , including "Flat bookmark editing", 
"undo close tab", "sted sidebar", and "minesweeper".

My conclusion is that the group I proposed exists. The problem is that 
posting to u.m.o is a heavy burden. Therefore, I'll wait until the new 
u.m.o launchs.

David Boswell wrote:
>>2. There should be some mechanism for selecting which extensions are
>>to be revived. The decision makers should be users. Even if a project
>>has thousands of users, it doesn't mean there will be a single 
>>developer. Maybe no one would revive even a good project.
> you could always run a poll on mozillazine or mozdev or wherever and
> then you could work to revive the extension that gets the most votes. 
> for this to work, you'd need someone to pick out old extensions and a
> team of developers committed to updating whichever extension won the
> poll.
> david

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