[Project_owners] PHP Help

HJ bugus at universum.org
Fri Dec 24 06:13:02 EST 2004

Hi guys,

I need a little PHP help for one of our pages.
I like to use something like this:

function phpInsertContentContainer($aDate, $topAnchorFlag)
   list($d, $M, $y) = sscanf($aDate, "%2d-%2d-%4d");
   $strDate = date("d F Y", strtotime("$y $M $d"));

   if ($topAnchorFlag == true) {
     echo '<div class="container-top"><a href="#">Top</a></div>';
   echo '<div class="container-header"><a 
   echo '<div class="container-content">';

but $strDate isn't what I expect. It should return "24 December 2004" 
(as example) but that is not what I get. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all of you,

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