[Project_owners] Bugzilla Administration

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Dec 23 10:54:49 EST 2004

We are riding the stable branch of bugzilla on Mozdev.

I don't see this functionality a the moment on our version.

When we do have it, we will certainly consider it.



James Funkhouser wrote:

>I would like to be able to add/remobe components in my 'product' on
>bugzilla. I noticed in at least version 2.18rc3 (I don't know if it's
>there earlier than that) you can assign certain people to be over
>certain products; having administrative powers over just that product.
>Is something similar implemented in bugzilla.mozdev.org ? If so, where
>do I find it? If not, I will go file the request on the bugzilla
>product for mozdev.
>Doodle the Elephant
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