[Project_owners] Revive and maintain old extensions

Sergey A. Chernyshev (URLFix) urlfix.mozdev.org.1 at antispam.drouk.ru
Wed Dec 22 00:34:55 EST 2004

>>Projects are never abandoned without any reason - if they are
>>abandoned then there is no "personal itch" and if so then there is no
>>way it's going to live - nobody will code anything only because they
>>want to good to the community.
>>It's main problem of Open Source and it can't be solved by bruteforce.
DF> I'm not sure. Sometimes the reason for abandonment isn't the lack of 
DF> personal itch but the lack of time. For example, QuickReply - 
DF> development has been passed on a few times, as somebody else has taken 
DF> over, and there have been lags in between.
DF> This is one of the main *strengths* of open source - somebody else can 
DF> take over ...

Agree, that's why promoting collaboration will - this will group
people with close personal itches.


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