[Project_owners] Re: My Q for today...

HJ bugus at universum.org
Fri Dec 17 06:54:58 EST 2004

Rod Whiteley wrote:
> HJ wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Is it me or what?
> It's you :)
> My gmail account handles spam efficiently.  I have some other accounts 
> that don't, but I access them through Thunderbird.  As a result, I don't 
> actually see very much spam.  I don't spend time analyzing spoofed 
> addresses, and I haven't noticed moz addresses being spoofed more than 
> any others.

You are obviously missing the point. These e-mails end up in the bulk 
box automatically in my yahoo mail, but that doesn't make it go away!

The message is that almost ALL people currently working on Mozilla are 
sending SPAM and / or virusses, at least, that what the average Joe user 
might think. Why use software or extensions from people that send SPAM?

There are laws, at least in California, that can jail me, you or anyone 
else for this matter, so Yes, I do care!

You might be someone that likes to looks to the other side, as if it 
never happend, but that is not me. I'll fight anyone when needed. Again, 
I am no chicken!


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