[Project_owners] My Q for today...

HJ bugus at universum.org
Fri Dec 17 06:49:11 EST 2004

Nathan R. Yergler wrote:
> HJ,
> Regardless of the validity of your point about spam and viruses with 
> spoofed addresses,
>  > One last tip, DON'T use g(ay)mail :-)
> This comment carries with it the connotation that a) GMail is bad, and 
> b) Being gay is bad.  I don't have an opinion on (a), but as a gay man, 
> I find the implication of (b) offensive and unacceptable.  I realize 
> that you may not have thought about what you were saying, and that "gay" 
> has become synonomous in youth culture with stupid or lame, but that 
> doesn't mean we should simply accept this vernacular.  Please try to 
> remember that what you say often sends a message other than what you may 
> have intended. 
> Nathan R. Yergler

Yes, you are right. This is a wrong message. However, I woke up very 
early and got annoyed about one such gay p*rn e-mail send to me. They 
used my own e-mail address, and that's what this message is about.

p.s. I am a senior Navy Intel vet, so I *do* have to attack when this 
happens to me, but I forgot that it might hurt other people, like that 
e-mail did to me.

In short, I take the gay part back, however, not the gmail part ;)


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