[Project_owners] extensionroom.mozdev.org versus update.mozilla.org

Jaap Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Fri Dec 10 22:22:45 EST 2004

Michael J Gruber wrote:
> Can someone enlighten me about the relation and state of 
> extensionroom.mozdev.org and update.mozilla.org?

A couple of months ago the mozilla organisation decided to host 
extensions because sites like extension.mozdev.org and texturizer.net 
could not handle the traffic at the moment of a new release of Firefox.

I guess also for a "Aunt Tillie" it's easier that the extensions are 
hosted on a mozilla.org site.

> It seems that both have some considerable lag responding to requests. 

It's all done with volunteers, and if there are not enough or they are 
busy with other things there might be some lag. That's how open source 
projects works

> Both "look official", but I guess only update.mozilla.org is. The 
> listings themselves appear to be unrelated.
> As a user, I would prefer having one listing only to make sure I don't 
> miss interesting extensions.
> As a developper, I would prefer having to announce updates to one 
> listing only, time is better spent developping than following completely 
> different request procedures for different listings.
> Then there are those rumours about update.mozilla.org being revamped to 
> allow developpers to access their own records.

Take a look at


I read it will go live soon (don't know when is soon )

> Having some kind of roadmap woud be great, because it would save many 
> developpers from filing requests on both listings which won't be 
> answered before the restructuring anyways.


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