[Project_owners] Manipulate printing output?

Malte Rücker malte at 6thfloor.de
Thu Dec 9 18:59:10 EST 2004

Hi Karsten,

thanks for taking the time and answering,

> You can overlay stylesheets in the same manner as overlaying content.
> For example, see
> http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/extensions/irc/xul/skin/contents.rdf#22

But userContent.css isn't explicitly included in any of the *.xul files,
so which one should I overlay? The message is contained in a <browser>
element (like in Firefox) and as far as I know it is not possible to
apply overlayed css to its contents (?).
Even if this will work, would the printing engine respect these overlays?
This takes me back to my initial question, is it possible to apply 
styles to what will be printed? So far, I know that stuff from 
userContent.css will be respected but as already said I cannot change 
its contents from an extension (and I even don't want to do it this 
way). Everything else failed, it seems that the printing system is a 
black box that can't be manipulated by extensions/overlays etc.


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