[Project_owners] Importing existing CVS repository

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Dec 9 12:42:29 EST 2004

> Well, technically speaking, you should simply be able to just copy the 
> $CVSROOT/<project> directory onto the Mozdev CVSROOT, and everything 
> should work from there.  I've done this on a number of occasions, but 
> it assumes you have access to the new CVS server to place the 
> directory in the CVSROOT.
> So, at this point its more of a policy or system-administrative 
> limitation rather than a technical one.
> I'm curious about this as well because I'd like to import my project's 
> CVS repositories into mozdev as well.
Yes, it's policy not to do this, simply because we barely have time to 
take care of the pressing issues (like mirrors being down for two weeks).



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