[Project_owners] Importing existing CVS repository

Michael A Nachbaur mike at nachbaur.com
Thu Dec 9 09:08:20 EST 2004

Alex Eng wrote:
> I have recently started a new project on Mozdev; however, the source 
> code for my project is already under version control using CVS on my 
> computer.  Is there any way I can have my existing CVS repository 
> imported to the online, Mozdev-based CVS repository so that I can 
> preserve source file revision histories?  Thanks.

Well, technically speaking, you should simply be able to just copy the 
$CVSROOT/<project> directory onto the Mozdev CVSROOT, and everything 
should work from there.  I've done this on a number of occasions, but it 
assumes you have access to the new CVS server to place the directory in 

So, at this point its more of a policy or system-administrative 
limitation rather than a technical one.

I'm curious about this as well because I'd like to import my project's 
CVS repositories into mozdev as well.

Michael A. Nachbaur <mike at nachbaur.com>

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