[Project_owners] Manipulate printing output?

Malte Rücker malte at 6thfloor.de
Wed Dec 8 17:59:25 EST 2004


> which will change the text of all quoted elements to green.  If you want 
> this style to only apply when printed, use this syntax:
> @media print
>     {
>        .moz-text-flowed blockquote,
>        .moz-text-plain blockquote { color: green }
>     }
> Hope that helps and good luck,

Thanks for this suggestion which is fine for changing things by hand.

Actually, I was looking for a solution that can be integrated in my 
extension, and changing user*.css files is not possible in this case. 
There needs to be a way to set these styles when Thunderbird is running. 
Unfortunately, I don't know if there are any hooks that can be used for 
Any ideas?


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