[Project_owners] Reading a property file

Elizabeth Boone eboone at gwu.edu
Mon Dec 6 08:51:19 EST 2004

I am having trouble reading the string values from a '.properties' file.  I have the stringbundle defined as follows:

<stringbundle id="ImageswipeString" src="imageswipe.properties"/>

The property file containes the following values:


The function I am using to retrieve the strings is:

function getISProperty(strName) {
	var str = null;
	try {
		var strbundle = document.getElementById("ImageswipeString");
		str = strbundle.getString(strName);
	} catch (err) {
		dump("Couldn't get string: " + strName + "\n");
	return str;

The function is passed 'ImageDirectory', 'Single', or 'Shortcut' depending on which property I am trying to retrieve.  However, the value returned is always null.  Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?


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