[Project_owners] Closing menu with submenus...

HJ bugus at universum.org
Sun Dec 5 15:44:03 EST 2004

Bradley Rintoul wrote:
> Hello:
> I have a problem in dealing with a context menu as I would like.  What I
> want is a context menu item that has a submenu, but I want the user to
> be able to select the "main" menu item and perform an action - without
> selecting a submenu item.  Am I making sense? :)  I could make two
> separate items, but I don't want to clutter up the context menu...  Is
> this acceptable UI usage?

No, I don't think so...but than again I don't know what this submenu is 
used for...

> I have some code that works *nearly* as I would like, the action is
> performed upon right clicking on the "main" context menu entry, but then
> the menu doesn't close...
> Anyone have a snippet or an URL I could look at to fix this?
> If any clarification is needed, please ask.
> Thanks for your time,
> B. Rintoul
> http://lookahead.mozdev.org

You can close a menupopup or popup element with element.hidePopup();


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