[Project_owners] Extension crashing Thunderbird - need talkback reader

Frank DiLecce frank at supportware.net
Fri Dec 3 17:38:19 EST 2004

Pawel Krzesniak wrote:

> * Frank on [2004-12-02 02:44]:
>> Is it possible to get the utility that 'reads' the output from 
>> talkback ?
> will this be enough?
> http://talkback-public.mozilla.org/talkback/fastfind.jsp
> cheers,

Well yes and no..  I did send in the crash report.  Incident number 
I now know that it has *something* to do with js GC.

What that something is, I have no idea.

I have tried to make sure all variables are accounted for and so on..
I have a feeling that my js component is NOT thread safe or something..

If anyone can sell me a clue, that would be great

BTW, if anyone needs to see the code .. its here

Thanks in advance

RTFM first!  Don't wait til all else fails

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