[Project_owners] Source code on Mozdev / Extension ID

Ingo Rau ingorau at imail.de
Thu Dec 2 16:17:11 EST 2004


Two question, first a newbie thing:
If I want to make the source code publicly available on the extension's 
mozdev-site, do I just copy the content of the chrome directory to the /src 
directory and do a CVS commit - or is there anything to special to be done?

And another question:
How do I get an "official" ID for my extension. I mean, I just made up my own 
by writing down some Hex :) - is there an official way to create or register 
those IDs or at least look up it's not already used?

Thx, Ingo
Ingo Rau <ingorau at imail.de>
Siegen, Germany
ICQ: 7128634

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