[Project_owners] The leaves are coming ...

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Tue Aug 31 13:59:13 EDT 2004

On September the first Autumn comes to mozdev.org.

What this means :

Those projects following mozdev.org theme changes will need to make some
adjustments for font sizing.


documoz, enigmail, firebirdhelp, gaeilge,
macrotracker, mozcreator, pasteip, prefbar,
tongwen, useragentswitcher, webdeveloper &

A mozdev.org css overhaul was thought necessary given how convoluted
everything was getting : )

The new stylesheets now include more logical font sizing ( and are mainly
san-serif for added readability ).

See Owen Briggs' Noodle Incident pages :


If by the end of Autumn ( Fall for the Americans amongst us, they just have
 to be different : P ), everyone is happy with the changeover and has
 adjusted their stylesheet(s) accordingly ( project.css or default.css
 depending on how long mozdev has hosted you ) winter can come in without a
 hitch, save for the drifting snow, falling power-lines etc

The changes that you will probably want to make include :

Removing font-family declarations from

#project-navigation th


.infoTab .infoHeader

Removing font-size: smaller; where it makes things illegible.



n.b. Some of the changes in this diff may not affect you.




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