[Project_owners] Programmatically setting site icon

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 12:22:39 EDT 2004

Sudhakar Chandra wrote:

> The problem is that when I first launch my application (which opens in 
> a browser tab) the icon does not display.  If I close the tab and 
> relaunch the application, the site icon displays just fine in the 
> browser tab.
> I think it is because the frame loading slowly and somehow overwriting 
> the site icon.

It could just be a tabbrowser bug - there are several that look similar.

> I want to programmatically set the site icon of the .xhtml file from 
> the .xul's onload event handler.  How do I do this?

I think creating the link element manually and appending it to the 
document head should work.

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