[Project_owners] CVS question - binary -> ascii

Mook mook.moz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 22:07:16 EDT 2004


While checking files into CVS, I made the very bad decision to use
Eclipse's built-in CVS client.  Now a bunch of .js, .xul etc. files
are considered binary (there was no UI to force ASCII mode); this
means that I can't commit some files - they cannot be merged because
CVS doesn't try anymore.

Is there any way I can make the files ASCII like they should be?  (I
tried removing them and recommiting via Tortoise, but it didn't work. 
New files commited via Tortoise does become ASCII correctly though)

If nothing would work, as a last resort would it be possible for one
of the admins to do a "rm -rf $CVSROOT/minimizetotray/src
$CVSROOT/minimizetotray/downloads" (losing all CVS data in the
process, since I have the files locally)?  (www is fine because I
didn't add any non-binary files in there...)

... Can't seem to really get a hang of this CVS thing :p

mook.moz at gmail

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