[Project_owners] Requirements for update.mozilla.org

Jawahar Swaminathan jawahar at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Aug 26 17:20:58 EDT 2004

Hi Karsten,

You need an install.rdf if your extension is expected to support ff0.9 
and above.

Apparently you do not need to provide an updateURL link in the 
install.rdf if this is to be presented on update.mozilla.org. But you 
can always add a

       <em:updateURL>link to update.rdf</em:updateURL>

in the install.rdf if you so prefer.

Install links on the update.mozilla.org page link to ftp.mozilla.org 
site which also contains the XPI.

For compatibility with FF1.0PR you need to set maxVersion in your 
install.rdf to 0.10 (not 1.0 for some reason!).

I provide information which looks like this and it seems to work.

Contact: name
E-mail: e-mail

Browser Platforms : mozilla 1.4 to 1.7+
                    firefox 0.7 to 0.10

Latest Versions:

Firefox: link to download xpi

Mozilla: link to download xpi

What has changed:

Some information about what has changed, or what is being added.



Karsten Düsterloh wrote:

>I tried to find out the requirements an extension/addon (for
>Seamonkey/Firefox/thunderbird) needs to fulfill to be listed (stored?)
>at update.mozilla.org, but the FAQ there failed to answer that at all.
>All it does tell is to open a bug for the inclusion...
>- Do I need an install.rdf?
>- Do I need an update.rdf?
>- Are extensions/addons stored there at u.m.o or are they just linked to
>eg. mozdev.org?
>- What additional information needs to be put into the bug?
>- Are there any other special requirements? Like "do not set your
>maxVersion to 666" or something? ;-)
>Maybe some of you with your extension already listed there have some

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