[Project_owners] Updates Page

Jaap Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Wed Aug 25 09:47:35 EDT 2004

Bradley E. Rintoul wrote:
> Hello:
> I can see that the updates page (or scripts to produce said page?) has
> been changed for 1.0PR.  I'm trying to follow Ben Goodger's advice and
> test if my extension works with 1.0PR, but I can't seem to get a nightly
> build to accept ANY extension, much less mine.  I'm trying to follow all
> of his suggestions regarding the app.version.extensions and all that
> goes with it (the minVersion & maxVersion in my RDF) but I can't seem to
> get anything to work.
> Anyone have any success testing their extension with nightly builds..?
Yes, they work in mine. The version of the nightly build is if I recall 
correctly 0.9.1+. So be sure that you have max version set to 0.9.1+ or 
higher. Note somehow 0.9.2 seems to be lower then 0.9.1+


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