[Project_owners] Re: Porting extension from Mozilla to Firefox

Christopher Ottley xknight at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Aug 21 07:54:27 EDT 2004

Ah, well then, when you create a Firefox (0.9+) XPI that uses the rdf 
extension manager, everything is placed in an extension directory in the 
user's profile. So your extension's chrome folder is located at 
.../XXXX.slt/extensions/{ca8c901f-4605-4b5c-8c15-8d11f6bf875b}/chrome if 
your extension's uuid is ca8c901f-4605-4b5c-8c15-8d11f6bf875b. The jar 
file is all that's in there so your extension could use the folder I 
mentioned as a base, create a sub folder and store the downloaded feed 
content in there.


Sudhakar Chandra wrote:

> My extension itself gets installed only under the user's profile and 
> not to the application chrome folder.  So the place where the cache of 
> the feeds get kept (in Mozilla) is also be under the user's profile.  
> I am sorry.  I should have mentioned that previously.  When I was 
> talking about chrome/habarixenu, I was referring to 
> .../XXXX.slt/chrome/habarixenu
> Thaths

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