[Project_owners] Acknowledging MozDev ?

Amir Herzberg herzbea at macs.biu.ac.il
Wed Aug 18 18:12:42 EDT 2004

Is there any standard way to refer and acknowledge the MozDev site, e.g. 
in the `about` window? We are just adding the `about` to TrustBar, and 
plan to announce it soon on appropriate lists. (TrustBar adds to Mozilla 
an area which displays trust indications such as protected/unprotected, 
logos and credentials, to prevent spoofing/phishing - you are welcome to 
try it out...)
Best regards,

Amir Herzberg
Associate Professor, Computer Science Dept., Bar Ilan University
http://amirherzberg.com (information and lectures in cryptography & 
Mirror site: http://www.mfn.org/~herzbea/
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