[Project_owners] How to obtain the scrollbar positions of a webpage?

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sat Aug 7 19:01:03 EDT 2004

Jaap Haitsma wrote:

> So my problem is how to do a loadURI and know that that specific 
> loadURI has finished.

Aha, well, in that case, assuming your tab doesn't get deleted in the 
mean time, I think the best you can do is
This returns notifications for the tab that you issue loadURI on. You 
can choose the notifications by combining the flags (they are properties 
on nsIWebProgress). However your progress listener does need a 
QueryInterface method where it should claim to support nsISupports and 
nsISupportsWeakReference as well as nsIWebProgressListener of course. 
Don't forget to remove the progress listener when you have finished.

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