[Project_owners] How to obtain the scrollbar positions of a webpage?

Jaap Haitsma jaap at haitsma.org
Sat Aug 7 18:37:35 EDT 2004

>> No, I thought loadURI was synchronous. How do I know when the page is 
>> loaded?
> Add a load event handler. Search navigator.js for loadEventHandlers for 
> an example.

Thanks, I'm almost there.

The code you suggested is below. This works but then loadEventHandlers 
is called for a reload in every tab and I have to know in which tab it 
is occuring.

// Add a capturing event listener to the content area
//(rjc note: not the entire window, otherwise we'll get sidebar pane 
loads too!)
//  so we'll be notified when onloads complete.
var contentArea = document.getElementById("appcontent");
contentArea.addEventListener("load", loadEventHandlers, true);

So I tried to set it up for every tab, but haven't been succesful :-(

I tried this

// Setup listener for this tab
// tab is a variable which I have obtained
// by calling tab = getBrowser().mCurrentBrowser;
// sometime in the program

tab.reloadEveryLoadFinished = reloadEveryLoadFinished;
tab.addEventListener("load", tab.reloadEveryLoadFinished, true);
tab.webNavigation.loadURI(tab.reloadEveryURL, loadFlags, null, 
entry.postData, null);

// The listener
function reloadEveryLoadFinished(){
     dump ("yes!!!, the page is reloaded");

If I then do a loadURI in different tabs different tabs I know which tab 
was reloaded because reloadEveryLoadFinished() is a member of the tab 
class and so I can obtain the this pointer.

Problem however is that reloadEveryLoadFinished() gets called twice. 
just before and just after the reload.

So I tried to use the note of rjc in the navigator.js code

var contentArea = tab.contentWindow.document.getElementById("appcontent");
     contentArea.addEventListener("load", tab.reloadEveryLoadFinished, 

Unfortunately appcontent does not seem to exist in that case. 
contentArea is just empty in this case.

I also see another potential problem if a user loads a page himself the 
listener will also be called.
So my problem is how to do a loadURI and know that that specific loadURI 
has finished.

Or is it, if I setup the listener just before calling loadURI that I 
know for sure that it is my page that got reloaded when the listener is 



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