[Project_owners] CVS problem

Nicolas Moreau n.mo at free.fr
Fri Aug 6 18:56:09 EDT 2004

Chris Neale wrote:

> [ assumes unix paths ]
> cd jetablemail/www
> mv index.html index.html.mess
> cvs up -r 1.1 index.html
> change 1.1 to any revision that seems to contain what you want


It doesnt seems to work;

i've tried to remove index, then do your command lines,
now i can't remove index :

[nicolas at localhost www]$ cvs remove index.html
cvs remove: cannot remove file `index.html' which has a numeric sticky 
tag of `1.9'

neitheir add

[nicolas at localhost www]$ cvs add index.html
cvs add: index.html already exists, with version number 1.9

(althought these error messages show that your solution seems to work)

but there is no changes ont my mozdev account :/

Have i forgotten a step to update cvs files ?

is there a method to reset all history or information about index.html ?

Nicolas Moreau

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