[Project_owners] Setting preferences in new firefox

Karsten Düsterloh mnenhy at tprac.de
Thu Aug 5 23:32:24 EDT 2004

Jawahar Swaminathan aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
>  >BTW: Did you consider prefixing your pref names with 'extensions.',
> The pref biobar.something has the extension. The extension is called biobar.

Yeah, and that's the "problem":
I think that it would be better to use 'extensions.biobar.sequences'
instead of just 'biobar.sequences', since biobar is not a regular part
of the Mozilla/Firefox prefs - see 'extensions.irc.*' etc.
You're "polluting" the global prefs namespace.

Feel free to correct my English. :)

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