[Project_owners] mailing lists not working?

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Tue Aug 3 17:59:19 EDT 2004

> Hmm, it seems it only fails for certain messages, since I resent the 
> messages after converting them from HTML to plaintext format, and they 
> went through (and straight into the moderation queues because 
> SpamAssassin had identified them as potential spam).  I don't get any 
> bounce notifications for the original messages, however.  Does mozdev 
> discard messages with a certain SpamAssassin score or for other 
> reasons without informing the sender?
Yes, because of the myriad of spam complaints and request to turn up 
spam assassin, we kill all mail that is over a certain *low* threshold.


Pete Collins - Founder, Mozdev Group Inc.
Mozilla Software Development Solutions 

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