[Project_owners] Help with Mailman

Philip Mateescu pmateescu at novosadhayes.com
Mon Aug 2 08:53:59 EDT 2004

That is what I do, but with those options alone I don't receive any 
Oh... umm... as the project owner/maillist admin, do I actually need to 
be subscribed myself to the list?


Pete Collins wrote:

> Philip Mateescu wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Right now the behavior of Mailman for my two projects is as following:
>> - when a message arrives to the project's list from an usubscribed 
>> user, Mailman sends a "post from x at y requires aproval"
>> - if I go to the provided link and accept the email, I have the option
>> to have it forwarded to my email account. however, Mailman forwards it 
>> attached to notification email.
>> Is there any way to configure Mailman to forward the message as if it 
>> was the original message? I use Yahoo for project emails, and I mean 
>> it's annoying to have to hit Reply, delete the Mailman text, copy the 
>> original's sender, copy the original subject, add a Re: and only 
>> finally then be able to answer the email...
>> Or am I doing something wrong?
> If you go to the MailMan admin "Tend to pending moderator requests" 
> link, choose "Accept" radio button and hit "Submit" the email will then 
> go directly to the list.
> Sounds like you are doing something wrong.
> --pete

Best regards.
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