[Project_owners] Two questions

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 14:21:01 EDT 2004

Tracy Norris wrote:

> 1. I've noticed that "global" variables in javascript are only global 
> to the xul file they are imported into (apparantly). Is there a way to 
> pass information back to a parent xul when displaying a child dalog?

window.opener refers to the window that called openDialog.

> 2. Does anyone know how to have a dialog open centered within the 
> window (or dialog) that opened it? For instance, in the example above 
> , the resulting dialog opens in the upper left hand corner of the 
> screen.. I'd like it to open in the center of the prefences dialog.

You could use centerscreen, but you probably have to make your dialog 
dependent, although you should probably make it modal anyway.

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