[Project_owners] Re: [Project owners] mozdev.org soon tobe replacedwith "updates.mozilla.org"

Robin Monks mozillaman at linuxmail.org
Tue Apr 27 10:06:21 EDT 2004

> HJ wrote:
> <snip>
> >>What would be the negative side? I would imagine apps and plugins would 
> >>be developed on Mozdev while releases are managed on updates. Maybe a 
> >>solution or an aid to our load problems.
> > 
> > Sure, this might be good for the load of mozdev.org but it will 
>  > have a negative impact on extensions that are not on his list. There
>  > goes our freedom of choice.
> Would it be helpful for MAD-ders to strongly lobby Ben Goodger (or other 
> Mozilla folks) to add a way to add extra 'update' sites?  All we need is 
> a dialog box that allows people to add extra URLs for SOAP calls or 
> however it will be implemented.  Think of how 'yum' handles updates...

Yes, or this could be added as an extension.  I personaly think that MozDev.org is a public end-user site.  Isn't that the whole idea?  To allow Mozilla Developers to have public websites to advertise their work?

Personaly, I think a program should be made that will automaticaly make patches to FireFox installitions.  EG: if between nightlies there is only 2 or 3 files changed, then only those files get updated.  Perhaps this could be added to the box?
> -- GuruJ.

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