[Project_owners] mozdev.org soon to be replaced with "updates.mozilla.org"

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Mon Apr 26 13:16:21 EDT 2004

HJ wrote:

>Hi guys,
>Consider to read this posting http://mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=4663#9 and Ben Goodgers follow up on it. Is this going to replace the download and installation of extensions from mozdev.org. Do you guys know anything about Ben's work? 

Nope. Looks like he is attempting to usurp project xpi's from Mozdev.

>This might have a negative side effect on mozdev.org. What do you think?

What would be the negative side? I would imagine apps and plugins would 
be developed on Mozdev while releases are managed on updates. Maybe a 
solution or an aid to our load problems.

But once again, here is a good example of how disparate Mozdev.org and 
Mozilla.org are.


Pete Collins

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