[Project_owners] Status Reports for week of 19 April, 2004

Gustavo Araujo Bittencourt g.bitten at bol.com.br
Thu Apr 22 14:52:44 EDT 2004

If is possible, I would like to update the last downloadwith status 
report, thanks.

<div id="downloadwith" class="independent">
<h3>DownloadWith - v0.0.7</h3>
<p>(download files with external programs)</p>
<ul class="quickaccess">
<li><a href="http://downloadwith.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li>
<li>Contact: <a
href="http://downloadwith.mozdev.org/members.html">Gustavo Araujo 
<p>DownloadWith is an extension for both Mozilla and Firefox that allows 
you to use third party download managers like Getright, Leechget, and 
Download Accelerator.</p>
<li>Support 17 differents downloaders, more than one at a time</li>
<li>Download sample configurations for many popular download managers, 
including Download Accelerator Plus, Leechget, Getright, Star 
Downloader, and more, or manually configure any download manager that 
supports command line parameters. New sample configs are being added all 
the time.<li>
<li>DownloadWith selection box to download dialogs (new)</li>
<li>Can configure filetypes to automatically be downloaded by your 
download manger, providing "download monitoring" similar to the Internet 
Explorer Integration that many download managers have (new)</li>
<li>Setting to download all files using your download manager rather 
than internal browser downloading (new)<li>
<li>New option to show or not show the download URL in the context menu 
entries (new)</li>
<li>Redirect url support (new)</li>

Brian King escreveu:

> I will be compiling the report a bit earlier this week, so please get 
> in your updates by Friday at the latest.
> Much of the time, there is a core number of projects that consistently 
> give me updates. This time around, I'd like to hear from others too, 
> so if you have not sent in anything for a while I'd love to hear from 
> you.
> http://www.mozdev.org/status/submit.html
> Thanks,

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