[Project_owners] OneClick Status Report

Robin Monks mozillaman at linuxmail.org
Mon Apr 19 10:21:43 EDT 2004

As follows:

<div id="one_click" class="independent"> <h3>OneClick Sidebar</h3> <p>The &quot;many applications in one&quot; bar.<br /></p> <ul class="quickaccess"> <li><a href="http://oneclick.mozdev.org/">Home Page</a></li> </ul>The content of the sidebar has been updated as well as a few bug fixes.  A new version of the in-build html editor is also expected with some new features.<br /><h4>Notable Highlights</h4> <ul> <li>Many different programs in one sidebar.<br /></li> <li>Works on any OS or mozilla browser.<br /></li> <li>Does not have to be downloaded to your computer.<br /></li> </ul> <p>We are also looking for articles for the sidebar.  If you can contribute, are interested in translating the sidebar or have a project you think deserves credit email me at MozillaMan AT linuxmail DOT org.<br /></p> </div>
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