[Project_owners] Getting extention version from script

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Thu Apr 15 09:13:41 EDT 2004

Brian King <brian at mozdev.org> wrote:
>Does anyone have a snippet of code to do this?
>During installation (install.js), it is straightforward:
>var ver = new String(InstallTrigger.getVersion("name"));
>But I want to get it from script of a running program. The version 
>number lives in content/contents.rdf
><RDF:Description ...
>         chrome:packageVersion="0.4"
>         ...>

Brian, 'packageVersion' should be part of chrome.rdf after the installation so here are a few pointers:

<menu datasources="rdf:chrome" ref="urn:mozilla:package:root"...
<menuitem label="rdf:http://www.mozilla.org/rdf/chrome#packageVersion"...

I guess you know what else to add. Have fun,

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