[Project_owners] Localization Question

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Wed Apr 14 15:23:25 EDT 2004

I'm currently attempting to localize an extension for Thunderbird.  The 
problem is that when I attempt to display the options dialog where I'm 
using my new DTD, Thunderbird reports "Undefined Entity".  I've checked 
that the entity name matches in the DTD and in the XUL file. 

So I have a couple questions.  First, can someone point me to some good 
documentation on the DTD statement?  Is it correct that in the following 

<!DOCTYPE dialog SYSTEM "chrome://quickfile/locale/quickfile.dtd">

the word dialog refers to the "top level" tag that the DTD applies to?

Second, can anyone provide some insight into determining if the DTD is 
loading correctly?  I'm pretty sure that my problem lies with the 
DOCTYPE statement; even putting garbage in for the file name gives the 
same error, which leads me to believe that I have something wrong in the 
file location.  I've followed some of the examples I found, but just 
haven't gotten very far.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Nathan R. Yergler

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