[Project_owners] Adding extra items to a preference panel

Larry Kasoff mozdev at larry.kasoff.name
Sun Apr 11 17:13:57 EDT 2004

Jaap Haitsma wrote:

> I have this idea of writing an extension for Mozilla Mail and 
> Thunderbird so that you can a part of your signature every x minutes 
> or day. You can put a quote of the day or so.

Why don't you just use Tagzilla? Doesn't it do basically the same thing 
to the signature?

> What I would like is to add some extra text fields to the Account 
> Settings panel. Is this possible?? I've been mucking around with this 
> for a couple of hours but haven't managed to put an extra text field 
> in a panel.

It is possible, but you need to add the text fields to a particular 
Account Setting panel. For example, you would need to add it to 
am-smtp.xul --Outgoing Server (SMTP) panel--, not AccountManager.xul. 
Those files are located in the unjarred files at chrome/content/messenger/.

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