[Project_owners] Observers and whatnot

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Fri Apr 9 14:45:36 EDT 2004

David Murray <lid2000 at tpg.com.au> wrote:

>Hi, me again with yet another problem...
>Basically, the Edit menu (and context menu) in my app works all fine if 
>its in its own window, but if I load it in the sidebar on Fx, it all 
>appears greyed out. I finally realised because there is already a set of 
>Edit things running (Edit menu etc), so now I'm trying to figure out how 
>to get my menus to just observe the state of the main Edit menu and copy 
>whatever it does... If that makes sense anyway. I've dug around all over 
>Mozilla's source trying to find what controls it but I keep coming up 
>with nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>David Murray.


Why don't you add one of your edit menu items as example. Also, are you using the correct ID's for the menu/menu items?


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