[Project_owners] Re: projects status - MozManual

Bradley Rintoul brintoul at dyan.homeip.net
Thu Apr 8 00:49:32 EDT 2004

I have a project going on and I'm stuck in some XUL trouble...  Is this a
reasonable forum in which to bring up the problem?  I'm really interested
in getting this puppy working as I think it would be a benefit to the
community (Doesn't everyone like to think this about their project?).

Can anyone contact me regarding some help on some fairly basic XUL stuff?

My project is at lookahead.mozdev.org and you can look there to get a feel
for what I'm trying to do - the desciption is not so hot, but hopefully
you get the idea...  Be careful not to install it if you don't want to
alter your installation too much (if you don't know how to back out of an
extension installation).  I mean, it won't screw up your browser
necessarily, just give you an edit box in the browser you might not want.

You need a Google API license key too, so you'll have to take a couple of

Anyway, sorry if this is out of line to post here about something like this.

I'm glad to be trying to contribute...

B. Rintoul

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