[Project_owners] Re: Fix for QuickManager Extension

Matthew Wilson matthew at mjwilson.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 4 16:01:45 EDT 2004

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> Martin Hassman wrote:
>> But I have created very simple python script for extracting linux 
>> permission from the zipfile 
>> http://biomikro.vscht.cz/maldiman/hassmanm/projects/testzip.py.txt
>> We have to often check it in the Czech Mozilla version, because we are 
>> offering Linux version too.
>> The permissions are stores as external attributes, so teoretically you 
>> can overwrite it. I think it could be possible even in some python or 
>> perl script, but I have never try it.
> Just looking at Archive::Zip in Perl. Its API exposes both 
> "unixFileAttributes" and "externalFileAttributes" - I'm not sure of the 
> difference between these? The documentation for externalFileAttributes 
> just says "Note that these are NOT UNIX!"

After a few tests, it looks like Archive::Zip will, when run on Windows, 
create .zip files whose entries have 666 permissions by default. The 
'externalFileAttributes' field is also set in a way which is consistent 
with the way in which Mozilla sets the attributes when extracting .xpis 


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