[Project_owners] theme and autocomplete question

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Sat Apr 3 18:11:27 EST 2004

Hi people,

What theme is used for mozilla Firefox? What name is it? Is this theme available for the mozilla suite? If not, anyone planning to make one?

Also, I used <textbox type="autocomplete" ... in one of my dialog windows, but it doesn't work. 

<textbox id="PreferredLocation" accesskey="somekeyhere" type="autocomplete"
         searchSessions="history" timeout="50" maxrows="6" size="100%" 
         alwaysOpenPopup="true" flex="1"/>

I copied all attributes from navigator.xul so they should be Ok. However, still no luck. I also checked xulplanet but didn't find the solution, or I simply missed it, that would be no wonder with all this great info.

So tell me, what kind of restrictions are there for autocomplete? What/where should I check and for what?

Thanks for your help,

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