[Project_owners] Re: Fix for QuickManager Extension

Martin Hassman met at penguin.cz
Fri Apr 2 08:06:28 EST 2004

Matthew Wilson napsal(a):
> Martin Hassman wrote:
>>...or better pack the *.xpi under some Linux/Unix system - so you do not 
>>need to set permission manually
> So Linux/Unix utils can create the .xpi including the permissions?

Of course. If you pack ZIP file on the Unix, the permissions are included.

> In that case, are there no tools on Windows which can change the 
> permisions of the files inside the .xpi?
> Or can Cygwin on Windows do this?
A have never tried it (I have alwayes possibility to log on some 
Linux-comp 8-).

But I have created very simple python script for extracting linux 
permission from the zipfile 

We have to often check it in the Czech Mozilla version, because we are 
offering Linux version too.

The permissions are stores as external attributes, so teoretically you 
can overwrite it. I think it could be possible even in some python or 
perl script, but I have never try it.

met - martin hassman

Martin Hassman
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