[Project_owners] Uninstall - file delete

Erwin Wessels erwin at transpontine.com
Tue Sep 30 12:25:16 EDT 2003

>> I'm currently rewriting Mnenhy's Chrome Manager
>> (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/chroman.html), that gives a visual
>> representation of all installed packages, their activation status,
>> attributes, etc.  Like the current version, it will allow for custom
>> deinstallation of packages, but with much less side effects
>> (warning: *the current version does not play well with themes and
>> profile installations!*).
>> Windows' locking of files to deinstall is still a problem, though.
> Actually there is a way around this.
> Heres how it would work.
> Say the uninstall code was in a lib like jslib. There could be a 
> generic tools menu displayed by jslib. It can pop up a dialog where 
> you could enter or select the project you want to remove.  Then the 
> call would be made to jslib uninstall("project_name").
> The first thing is a confirm prompt. If that passes, then the code 
> using nsIWindowmediator would cycle through the open windows looking 
> for all windows w/ a chrome url location reflecting the project to be 
> removed. The iteration will close each of those windows. Once all the 
> windows are closed, the lock on the myproject.jar file should be 
> released on Windows. Hence the uninstall logic, should now be able to 
> delete and remove all data related to that project eg: overlay info etc.
> This is why uninstall needs to be in central location not attached to 
> any app in particular.

Hmm... maybe it would be possible to add an extension in memory, 
temporarily, and let this extension remove the original extensions file? 


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