[Project_owners] Here's food for thought

Chris Neale cdn at mozdev.org
Mon Sep 29 10:09:36 EDT 2003

On Monday 29 Sep 2003 05:39, HJ wrote:
> Here's food for thought,
> I need a "Tip of the Day" feature for MultiZilla and was wondering *if*
> anybody else ever wrote one. We could share a global piece of code, and
> this should be able to run for all projects. The main site mozdev.org could
> use the same and read random snips from the projects. This way people learn
> what we offer, because to be totally honest, I don't myself. Everything
> keeps changing day after day so it's hard to keep up with all changes.
> The code should generate a blurb from
> [projectname].mozdev.org/tipoffday/somename.xml(rdf) for example) and put
> that as a floater on the users screen, with the option to turn it off
> (cookies?)
> The same code should be implemented with your jar/xpi file (at least *if*
> you want something like this). This way users can read more about your
> project while they browse the Internet.
> What do you people think? Would you like to have/use/offer something like
> this? Or is this note your flavor?
> PS time to get some sleep now (I woke up almost 28 hours ago)
> Let me know what you think of it,
> Regards,
> /HJ

Jens has one in RadialContext [ optimoz.mozdev.org ]




Extensions for Mozilla-based Applications [ http://cdn.mozdev.org/ ]

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