[Project_owners] Cleaned up Notes data

Pete Collins pete at mozdev.org
Sun Sep 28 20:32:35 EDT 2003

> Is this a variable that can be set to change this behaviour?
> For ExtensionRoom it's helpful if people can post links to new 
> extensions they want adding to the database.  Doesn't matter if they're 
> not linkified, but discarding the post altogether is not good.

Right now I have only the text going through. Chris just needs to 
lighten up the spam tests he has.

> every page at http://games.mozdev.org/   (click the More Info links for 
> each game).
> http://games.mozdev.org/xultris/ is particularly bad.  there's probably 
> several hundred links on it  : (

Yep, this is obviously going to take some time. But it will all 
eventually get clean.

Pete Collins

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